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The Malay is a breed of chicken originating in Asia, most likely in northern Pakistan. These birds are cousins of Asil. It is unknown why they were called Malay, but perhaps because of a mistake by the former East India Company, when they introduced that exotic new breed around 1570[citation needed]. In Asia, the Malay chicken is usually found only in rural areas and villages. It is sometimes referred to as "kampung" chicken (kampung means "village" in Malay). In the Borneo region of Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei, the Malay chicken is called Sigun. In north West Pakistan these are called Sadalay meaning big docile or gentle giants. The Malay Chicken is sometimes used as fighting cocks in cockfighting.
Today, in the West the Malay is mainly kept for participation in poultry shows by breeders. It is considered a hard-feathered, gamefowl breed. The Malay has an upright stance, a well muscled form and a large skull with a cruel expression. Nowadays they are selected to be better egg-layers than in the 1970s with 70 to 120 eggs annually for a young hen and older hens laying only 30 to 55 eggs.

Cockfighting has long been associated with the Malay,[1] even with the coming of Islam, is still continued in certain parts.[2] Chicken fighting is mentioned in the Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai, written in 1390.

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