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Saigon (termed by Hmong) a breed of chicken originating in Vietnam. Originally used as fighting cocks for cockfighting, is a breed that fits the gamecock type, with an upright body. Ga Noi appear in both a regularly feathered variety and a Naked Neck-like variety. It was exported to the West for the first time in the early 1990s

They are known for their darker colored shanks, thick body and head.

ganoiDOTKOM wrote:
Other characteristics:
Thighs: Muscular. The thigh are usually longer than the shank.
Feet: Medium to tall. Mostly square and triangular shanks in the old day. Today, round shanks are also plentiful.
Trunk: Firmly muscled, moderately long. Belly portion undeveloped.
Skin: Skin turns red when exposed to plenty of sun light.
Flesh: Tough. Very tough to chew on their meat even after you've cooked them.
Bone: Large and heavy
Tail: Short, closed, rather narrowly set, low carried. Mã chỉ type has long tail and sickles.
Spurs: From two to six. Six spurs are called "lục đinh".
Feathers: Not too many feathers on head, neck, and thighs. Feathers are crude and brittle.
Color intensity: The feathers color is very intense and distinctive.
Weight: Between 6 lbs. to 11 lbs. (2.8 kg. to 5 kg.)
Crowing: Gà đòn crows relatively little compare to other type of fowls. The crowing sound is deep and low.
Personality: Possess lot of valor, defiance, indomitableness, and prowess.
Location: Gà đòn can be found in the following provinces:
Northern Viet Nam: The provinces of Lang Son, Bac Giang (formerly Ha Bac), Ha Noi.
Central Viet Nam: The provinces of Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan.
Southern Viet Nam: Ba Ria, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon), Long An .

Head and facial expression
The skull of a gà nòi is large, with a flat top. The face is broad, with large, raised cheekbones. Gà nòi can shows many different emotions with its facial expressions. When it is being fed by their owner, gà nòi shows a happy face expression. When a stranger comes near, it display a curious, wide-eyes staring look. When placed near an opponent, it shows a mean, daring look. The thick eyes lids, deep eyes socket, high cheekbones and cold staring of gà nòi set it apart from a regular chicken.

History and Chicken Race

Of chicken without skin puncture shirt!.
Interesting race and tradition play chicken cock fighting in Vietnam was longstanding, can be more than 700 years ago in the 12th century. For the first time showed only when hobbyists began to develop a number of kings and nobles place then spread to folk, these documents were handed literature has been lost or destroyed and get lost by the time the water was Tau Vietnam invaded and dominated. Vietnam recorded history back to colonial times in Vietnam, the precious books were confiscated and burned Ship to apply the match "stupid people" in order long dominated Vietnam. The documentation on how to select which showed only minister only recently appeared in the 17th century. One of the pioneers in the compilation and left for posterity the precious resources Ta Quan Le Van Review (1763-1832), a Chinese god of righteousness and familial built today under King Gia Long
Quan Le Van Ta Legend Browse the War of 5000 was adopted to study the Statistics category as Marble conclusion based on hair color, and lets see lets see Gen. scales. One of the prime brochure about chickens also storied race today is "Business Page" though it was copied by the "three stars losses duty" but are still valued and cockers and hand play chicken bedside table and used as "lodestar" for the minister showed only select and view.

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