Washing Birds / Raising Baby Qaib DIB!!! (according to cov nyab laang...)

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Washing Birds /  Raising Baby Qaib DIB!!! (according to cov nyab laang...) Empty Washing Birds / Raising Baby Qaib DIB!!! (according to cov nyab laang...)

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1. Persons water (containing chicken) holding a towel as water is always on hand. Should choose the appropriate location for easy sitting near the water of wet towels for easy embedding. Towels should be kept always drenched to the cure for chicken can take suction from the water to mist the chicken towel. The water made ​​way to set mist from the water by sucking cock towel 1 small sip just enough to spray a mist over. If you smoke too much water will spray into droplets do not have a wet chicken. Towels and soft enough to fit in the hand to urge countries can use 1 hand towel to squeeze the water, as it may have to use your other hand to keep chickens, raising chickens break up in time to spray water under the breast, in the armpit, etc., ...  
2. Scroll just missed, not your clothes just because the thread is too small to fit easily tangle mine. Use only missed kinds of cotton (cotton) larger than 2 or 3 regular sewing thread. How to mine the chicken joints will be more specific guidance in Part IV.  
3. Often cockers should follow a procedure box "chicken beak". This is the top of the chicken beak retained from the slaughtered chickens. Mine's on the chicken should be peeled off to hong wind in dry cool place and not exposed to the sun. When the mine was so dry stored away in boxes. This is the little craft items to use. After each half into chicken host country is to consider whether the chicken beak to beak was not? Especially when the opponent is having chicken or rocks your face, or a chicken opponent out pallet tops solid surface and stone claw hand - from 2 up to the first mine ears. In this case, the chicken will be fast and less REM mine. If the water does not pay attention to the match early bird beak, while the chicken can fight the enemy will be absent from the mine. This is the time needed to replace mine open box of chicken on the chicken. Mine will be knitting with chicken instead just missed the outside layer chickens can help temporarily operating and pinned opponents head to legs. It is best to try at home before any mining can be used to fit the chicken if it needs it.  
4. Carry feathers for wings instead of chicken if not broken wing feather wings to fly high. Often at school for the chicken wing molt in the arena. If the coat lacks backstage tube should be replaced before at home. According to the old ways instead of only, but now much faster and how to make chicken wings rather than that glue gun to glue feathers pump tube side.  
5. Carry tail feathers to the tail instead of chicken if chicken was falling due to weak knees so prone to falling and jumping will make chicken more broken tail feathers. But as so often t or tail feathers at home before bringing out the chicken.
as water

A . How water before releasing chickens: Chickens do not have nodes or glands sweating like. Using chicken epidermis (skin) to an external heat load and reduce body temperature by drinking water to reduce heat in blood. So before dropping chicken chicken must be maximum cooling but not wet feathers and the rest of the coat over his heavy chick who makes flying difficult. Remove the cloth and water for drinking chicken by wringing a big gulp of water from his thumb in his mouth chicken, when the chicken is done swallowing the water is at sucking water from the towel and started misting from head to toe on the front , then moved to the back in order following the mnemonic. (*) - Sitting face to face with chicken, mist from the mine to the neck, armpits and then spray water into 2 small (both sides). Lift the chicken thighs and misting up 2 feet. Transfer the chicken to the front, after misting spray the chicken with the last. Misting from neck ligaments behind the need to fork. Lift the chicken up, spray on the belly and chicken breast. 2 cool water with a towel to wipe down the thighs and legs of chicken claws. Squeeze it dry towel, wipe his face, neck, need, paws in the water for dry hair breast, wing feathers, saddle feathers, thigh. Done and rinse clean towel. Collecting water in the towel and do a second water as directed in section A (*). After the water has finished second the chicken drop.  

B . Making water while fighting: In this technique most countries due to ingenuity and battlefield experiences of domestic workers. Depending chicken is defective what do people care Water thoroughly that section. However, the country is doing the most basic thing is to have a wet towel in hand. When starting out or hug chicken chicken chicken drop location is at hand have always supported towel towel under the water of chickens and claws into the abdomen and groin both sides of chicken stuck (hair was neatly trimmed) to supply cooling time. Before you drop the chicken, and the towel absorbs water from the mist coming from behind with the last injection. While fighting never mist from the mine to the chicken as that will be comfortable and "dim" want to sleep. One other important thing is not to look toward other chickens but the chickens always look towards its opponents while cooling. Except for the chicken into the water, then another hug. Often chicken Law School forbidden to drink water while playing but not prohibit the use of accelerated cooling towel and chicken, as long as people do not cheat country "extended" time to cool for a chicken house way too blatant.  

C . Making water while holding the chicken: When the referee declares a hug or chicken means it's time to do the country was preparing to hold a wet washcloth and towel chicken with water underbelly of the corner of his team's carries. Then squeeze the water with a towel sip of water for the chicken, because chickens are tired of breathing should not drink a lot of water. While embraced as water, who do domestic chickens never lifted off the ground vulnerability to water injection as the time before dropping into the battle chickens. Chicken misting down from mine she did not need three. Transfer the chicken to the front, with the last coming after misting. Hook a towel down water into two underarm incubation of immature chicken, wipe down the thigh, breast and abdomen. If chicken is breathing more difficult for water cooling clear from the opening of the country and a large towel with hands and arms on both sides facing premature cooling underarm chicken until chicken meal. When you see the chicken for chicken drink less tired small sip of water from the tissue Monday. Done squeezed gently wipe clean surface water and chicken. Done towel to open from traumatic skull and mouth sucking cock through chicken neck scarf made ​​from round the country down to the ligament on the spine down the back of chicken. In ancient times when the urge to hug the chicken water water grip pull a chicken comb straight up and mouth "buttons" clean tang from the rear down until fork and rear shock from the skull down to the ligaments. This is a way of obtaining evidence and solvent hematoma and "massage" the gentle and painless for chicken. Today three cases of H5N1 avian influenza so taking oral evidence this seems not very hygienic! Can Plead towel and water sandwiched between thumb and pointing and slippery grip on the chicken neck front and rear shock and slight as a "wind shock" to take evidence also. After you get done mourning, for chicken drink small sips of water before dropping the third time chicken. How should push chicken finished water paced campaign for healthy chicken and let the chicken house "channel" for the chicken. From the moment only with the last spray mist coming from behind. Towels are water cooled clamp the two young armpit, under the breast, thighs and abdomen. Add chicken back to the wild. Avoid beating tags for style chicken run forward and pulled ligaments in the back of a chicken and lifted off the ground chicken vulnerability brought about by the home side corners as some countries insisted hands often. While chicken is also wrestled in the chicken bug repellent is lifted off the ground.  

E .  When the chicken has less breathing is turning to how to make chicken hot relax and relieve pain caused by trace evidence. After finishing the water for chicken as directed above, squeezed water and wipe dry towel lining for dry chicken. Dip towel in hot water bath of warm water (for hand to be) slightly squeezed dry and get up early and taking scarves hands heat from the outside to penetrate. Continue along as a chicken, two sides and along the back of the chicken. If there is no hot towels, the water made ​​using two hands rubbing along the hips, thighs to create heat, and then face 2 face hands on both sides of the chicken about 5 seconds, continue to take heat rub on thighs and face 1 hand on top of his head, one hand to hold the chicken beak below about 5 seconds, just rub and chicken heated from the top and moving down to her hands and fork move the shoulder blades (two lemons) . Particularly on the back from the waist down to the towel was squeezed dry up and blow hot air back chicken from the chicken back into the mouth supplications water, heat moves along the spine back down to the bottom of the chicken. If chicken along and almost beaten to straddle the left hand or hot rub right arm from wrist to elbow, then took a slight early wrist cock and so much chicken and roll on the length of his right arm from virtually chicken down to what we elected 3 times. Then turn left and do the same. If chickens are much surface heat rub his hands and face in many reviews where chickens. At this stage other only in part (C) is avoided as much wipes the first half but only towels and water to slow slightly to the head, neck and chicken hot towel warmers (if any) in areas where only trace evidence . Towards brandishing the muscles in the thigh and leg fatigue so often chicken run, people are often called chicken cock tapping "song spread" (strummed above). Should now avoid the water cooler in chicken thighs and legs, but only so hot towel or heated by gently massaging hands and feet of chicken thighs are the best. If a match lasting 4 agreements (lakes) or more, on the 4th agreements can take handfuls of white rice on hand for the chickens to eat some seeds. If you do not have to eat the chicken rice ball about 3 big squeeze with your thumb and put the chicken in the throat. Then the chickens drink sips of water from the rice fully paid elected kite drift down. If swallowed chicken chicken drop down that God may be blocked horizontal rock enemy chickens. ever seen but who do water vapor "sloppy" in the local chicken rice hastily swallowed, not to drink the water, drop the chicken is chicken rush across the stone cross stood choking, beaten unfairly and do not eat ice punch what!  

F How water after the game: Often people do make water water carefully pat pat hen chickens sputum for the win because the machine is also "in the money" for all Statistics. To offset the lost chicken is often made ​​through the speakers or candidates away because of all the inheritance money then also longing to the "defeat Statistics" anymore! However, this article details a complete guide on how water should be indispensable this section. After the game ended, hugging all the chicken to chicken out of the mucus in the throat clapped out clean. Depending on the severity wounds on the chicken that is hand made ​​of water but slightly better because after the stone is more or less chicken and bruising and pain. After warm salt water bath water with a towel and then squeeze the water into the chicken's throat, swallowing up when the rooster started quickly pulled chicken with his left hand to his lower right arm chicken and patted and stroked up and down as much chicken. Doing so 3 times to get the best chicken snail mucus widely in ancient avoid pulling hen chicken wheezing later. After finishing hand flapping hen press and hold down the first chicken, wringing a towel in hot water and salt pots on the head, neck and chicken wash wounds. Done Towel dry the chicken and pat it dry lining. Avoid bathing should not wet chicken feathers for lip syncing stamp when the game has finished stone as some insisted that only water or wipe clean lining through the blood on people is enough. Salt mixed with warm water will be used to disinfect and prevent toxic chicken or swollen skin. Chickens exposed sunny spot outside help dry the chicken quickly wound evening until chicken coop can be used on " Post Alcohol Drugs "has braised chicken" prescription "in all braised chicken, the chicken will squeeze the bottle quickly for more and then every few days for the medication to squeeze wine chicken once the chicken is only about 10 days to recover and regain former levels.

Now comes to the point how puas raise...

The way chicken phu.Cach race requires a lot of care and selection showed only a broad topic that this article can not all be mentioned. This document presents the basics for the reader to have an understanding showed only an overview of the methods and applications will be discussed in the following sections.

hens both durable medium original data plus a number of other eminent features and appearance looks like mine head, the blow, deep shoulder and breast size will be selected . Hens selected base ranges from 1 to 6 years old. Rooster to dump line is the glorious achievements outside the chickens, ate at least 2 degrees or more. Age from 1 year to 5 years and a half of other chicken lines. Time to drop the chicken is bred from late December onwards until early January. The high nutrient content is added to the diet of chickens pairs include vegetables, fruit, grain, lime and shrimp compounds shrimps or fish. These nutrients are often pat the chicken for about 1 month before mating them. Chickens will start hatching and hatch in early spring.

Qualifying first:
the chicken way within this type depends on the particular experience of cockers. However, based on the "Business Page" cockers some chicks removed at age 2 months if the chicks are so bad. There are approximately 13 cockers so bad to rely on it to "see chickens at Scale" to discard.

qualifying two:
When is 7 months old, the baby hen will have to pass the second round. The crooked keel, torticollis, and pinning them down (below the pelvis near the anus) will be removed.



As mentioned, there are many different types of chicken hit by separate genetic characteristics of each line. There are few types of chicken feathers and naked race than other types. To prepare the chicken before bringing out the players early shearing chicken, and fuzz hairy underarms. Normally, strains chickens do not need shearing as much as the neck portion, and the first available lap naked. The hair of the head and neck showed only crunchy brittle so NOT a few times after the drop (spelling) is usually naked chicken feathers where the head and neck.

regard to the feathered chickens and need pruning, then you can prune as follows:

First - The hair usually trimmed top and cut close to the surface cockers easy dissecting hematoma smoking and sewing. In addition, the boll also helps the chicken is not chicken feathers button to kick an opponent.

shares and thighs - Coat chicken thigh strain in the neck and is usually cut to martial arts and medicine to withstand bumps seasoned kicks or Scratch (foundation) of chickens opponent hit the vulnerable sections like neck, head, thighs and chest. Chickens were bathing technology to lipoatrophy.

pubescence - This type of hair that grows under the armpits chicken wing and two other side of the belly as well as chicken. When the battle chickens are cut soft fuzz to plead cockers or water during a water easily, making clean chicken chicken cool weather in recent months Tet hot start, more will not make chicken feathers waterproof difficulty while flying competitions.

Thoracic - The chest hair is generally not kept skimmers.

The training methods
Going a bit: This method is also known under many other names such as Olympics, turning slightly, the drop slightly, slightly pants etc, ... hen around 7 or 8 months old is starting to workout. Chicken is covered mine and (if applicable) and can only be used for the neck to rotate because not used to bite mine, ghit other chickens to blow. This method helps chicken accustomed stamina, strength and durability to help owners discover Statistics streak and chicken ice house if it's a good chip or two edge technology while turning back.


Running cage.

A new station will be housed in a bamboo bumper, the outside shooting more than a large bamboo bumper to chicken inoperable or bite each other. The chicken will run around outside income multiples for gas cock and wanted a way to creep into the opponents met. This method can be practiced for an hour and help develop the muscle in the chicken thigh and leg.

martial art : All chickens are preparing to graduate in technology have mixed with herbs for the skin to help reveal not the red meat was involved but also for the skin is hardened to withstand the blow.

dare : Chicken feet are soaked in a drug solution or salt mixed with urine to help firming the chicken legs. Chicken feet can soak twice a day morning and evening every 30 minutes. This method helps the chicken toes and management firm when the pain kicks and make more

clothes Chance : The cockers believe that pure morning dew make healthy chicken during practice. Every morning the rooster crowing take the chicken first pitch is released while it was still early dawn to take the shoulder, neck wings go back in the field as frost melted yet.

Braised Chicken and steam showered daily towel warmer with a pot of water to cook with herbs Nam as green tea, ginger, wormwood, etc., ... to help healthy chickens.

Lottery : Chicken Chicken is the cable with the same leg, same old to "rock challenge" and practice for getting used to the traffic load, and how to enter the game world of cockers water. Each time the lottery is usually one to two chicken half.

says the guy has great bones so want chickens develop properly requires time and patience to chickens raised in a normal way. Average age at one year (12 months) is provided at the chicken and start an exercise program to prepare for graduation. After 6 months of applying these methods in training, they are 1 and a half years (18 months) is chicken was solid as a forged iron ingots and internal strength and fullness looks ready to hit the other chickens. The experienced cockers usually chicken feed and exercise the right to bring out a new game, while players young chickens ghiem and not have a lot of eager young rock chick forced win or not enough power often be defeated under in the hands of senior career.

The way chickens in Vietnam levels vary depending on the locality. This document does not have enough data for detailed analysis of the differences between the chickens are regular activities in North, Central and South. The details presented in this document was collected in a typical case of chicken and could not quite right for each domain or chicken with a local school.

coup has changed a lot over the country and rock hobby chickens can not escape the rather change the rules about how and after 1975.) cockfight players usually do not use the scale to weigh the chicken. However, there are also weight yarns, as fiber billion chickens of former Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky, the port can use the scale when.

Often players chickens chickens for quantitative methods using the cable eye to observe . The cable arm will bring the chickens into the chicken sit (around) where digging holes deep into the ground to the arena, to over embankment height and width of the back leg to catch chickens. Each school has cockfight own rules set forth by the school owner chickens. There are places that allows all Statistics are touching, touching on chicken enemy hands. There are places forbidden for safety reasons for chicken Visitor brings.

in place that allows all Statistics are allowed to hand back the chicken to measure the opponent to guess "little workshop" back, also known as " the horizontal "ie width of the chicken's back. These places are not allowed to touch the chicken for the owner to use his eyes to Statistics conjecture horizontally as well as the weight of the other chickens. In all cases Statistics Statistics owners may request the other side to pull off to observe the size of the chicken's back. The height of the two birds are vetted, usually two chickens are all top guys back to back over the embankment height and width of the chicken's back.

assume the school will comment further on the cable routes to be fighting cocks. Chicken usually has a height advantage over the attack, so players have the chicken "a cast of two workshops", which means if there are 2 sub chicken (2cm) is not greater than the width of the chickens but less than 1 but 2 horizontal distribution of the height distribution. However, in the cable problem, two units of measurement of height and width like cream the back cover over the copper is still considered Twilight chicken and the cable can be.

Another method is called "no hands ". Applause is a procedure used to improve hand under chicken breast for up to tentative about the weight. The experienced cockers can guess the exact weight of chickens on hand this way. When no hands, but you can bet cockers know more about tendons and annealing process of chickens as well as its endurance. For example, a chicken breast and long deep V-shaped (like sailing keel) is kind of chickens have the stamina to stand persistence. But no hands allowed not always allow the chicken. This caution is necessary to prevent those bogus application tricks harm acupressure points while countless chickens enemy hands. Often, no hands allowed to be applied only in the case of chicken that everyone is familiar friends. In the battle chickens eat great lose the "no hands" does not apply.

in some parts of the world, each round is set for 15 minutes. Rest and water is 5 minutes. There is no limit how much each half of chicken. Half of the number of chickens that can be agreed upon between the two host Statistics. The joint detail as mine, clasped hair, eyes etc can sew differences between the chicken.

In some provinces, each one half (hug) was fixed at 20 minutes. Chicken unity to the country to rest 5 minutes. He said that the cables are classified according to the weight as follows:
- Heavyweight - over 3.5 Up
- middle class - 3 to 3.5 Up
- Lightweight - less than 3 Up
The dance are usually held on the occasion of Tet and continues until April.

In Saigon, each half is 15 minutes, making 5-minute water break as well as elsewhere. The players often use the word chicken "legs" (read the Twilight camp) to classify the chicken into 3 sizes as follows:
- First leg: on 4 characters.
- Second leg: 3 to 4 Up
- Three Stations: less than 3 signed .

while allowing distribution of chicken leg and hit the cable very picky and time consuming, the level of the chicken allows simple and more rapid. The players usually use chicken weighing scales for the two children, and is faster and simplicity. Often the birds were weighed at home and both parties agreed over the phone or cable chickens orally at cafes or restaurants very quickly before bringing chickens to rendezvous for a final review prior to the . If both parties agree they would bring a chicken to the other is used as a rendezvous the chicken. The battle ended quickly for the battle chickens using a hacksaw to avoid tracking and arrest of the police force, the police. Before the Battle of the skin by the real chicken is usually similar to the cable at the cable entry of chicken attack but later the ban not popular due to the current state of the game of chicken being held in the mobile market .

, most of the chickens in the South are dedicated to chicken or chicken attack spurs. There are many famous chicken around Saigon, Bien Hoa, Hoc Mon, ... etc. The rich giants like Southern rock chickens more often because there is rapid results avail. At this stage the battle chickens often with loss of it's cable. Many stories in the comic book recounts the famous game of chicken in the area as Cao Lanh, Ben Tre and Bac Lieu.

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